Sustainability Report

Strategy Update 2020

Implementation of the Strategy Update 2020
Strategy by business area

The main lines of the Strategy Update 2020 are set out below:

  • Have as a center of gravity and driving force of the Group’s future growth in the 8 home markets in which it operates: Canada, the U.S., the four Pacific Alliance countries (Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia), the Czech Republic and Spain.
  • Strengthen the mechanisms of risk management and control.
  • Maintain a balanced and diversified backlog in terms of project size, geographical location and type/specialization.
  • Financial discipline and improve in the ratio of conversion of EBITDA into cash.
  • Wager on the Group’s human capital, R&D&I and Corporate Social Responsibility as generators of value.

The OHL Group’s Strategy Update 2020 set the target of concentrating 85% of revenues in its eight priority markets (home markets).

This strategy will therefore reinforce the presence of the Group on the American continent while maintaining its wager on its traditional European markets, Spain and the Czech Republic. In addition, OHL will analyse other markets with the objective of turning them into home markets, as they would be the Scandinavian countries, Saudi Arabia and the Southeast Asia region.


Main outcomes of the Strategy Update 2020 implementation in 2015

  • The main strategic goal of the Concessions division is the consolidation of its current presence in Mexico and Chile and growth in Colombia and Peru in the short term. The Strategy Update 2020 considers a possible expansion of the business to the United States and Canada, with a main focus on the development of transportation infrastructures.

  • Engineering & Construction:
    • OHL Construcción maintains the value enhancement of its extraordinary technical, innovative and quality-of-performance capacities, which have enabled it to perform major projects of high complexity in the civil engineering and unique building construction sectors.
    • OHL Industrial will continue to boost the full development of large turnkey projects (EPC) and O&M, focus on increasing activity in the power generation, mining and Oil&Gas sectors.
    • OHL Servicios is set to commence its international expansion by taking advantage of the synergies with the rest of the Group’s divisions in the American home markets.
  • The Developments division continues to move ahead with three major projects, which are international references and in different stages of performance: Mayakoba, a luxury tourism project in Riviera Maya (Mexico); Centro Canalejas Madrid, urban revitalization in the historic city center of Madrid, and the Old War Office, a project for the restoration and renovation of the British War Ministry in London.