Sustainability Report


In 2015, the Board of Directors approved the Principles governing Human Resources in the OHL Group, which are aimed at ensuring adequate and continuous training, in order for its companies to be ready to face future challenges, encouraging a feeling of trust, taking human issues into account, believing in people and making them accountable.


Some figures for 2015

OHL Group bases its success on its human capital and management commitment talent as a competitive factor
  • 25,978 employees present in 31 countries. Spain, Mexico, Chile and Peru register the greatest weight in staff, representing more than 72% of all employees.
  • 4.2% staff increase over 2014.
  • 65.0% of all Group employees work abroad.
  • The average seniority of employees is 5 years, and the average age is 41 years.
  • 62.4% of all employees hold an employment contract for an indefinite term.
  • 76% of the Group’s workers are covered by life and accident insurance.
  • 62.2% of all employees work under CBA labor conditions.
  • 89.1% of the Group’s executives abroad are nationals of the country to which the company under management belongs.

Equal opportunities

Training, equal opportunities and work-life balance are key factors in the management in OHL
  • By the end of 2015, 31.6% of the Group’s staff was female.
  • 160 employment contracts signed with disabled persons and/or at a risk of social exclusion in Spain.
  • 3.8% of all workers in companies with more than 50 employees in Spain have some kind of disability.
Training & Development
Health & Safety
Corporate volunteer workers

In 2015, the OHL Group has continued with its training in order to acquire the culture and working philosophy of Project Management Professional (PMP). More than 50 professionals have already received a certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Furthermore, training has continued in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) matters, in order for professionals to be certified at certain levels by the U.S. Green Building Council. Also in 2015 it has increased training in the area of Integration into the OHL Group, in order to integrate their policies, values and culture.


The physical and mental health and safety of all employees and subcontractors is a priority for the OHL Group. This is reflected in the Group’s Declaration on Occupational Risk Prevention, Environment and Quality, updated in 2013, and in each division’s policies. The aim is to reach a “zero occupational accident” rate, which is only possible further to a solid preventive culture, promoted by the senior management.

ORP milestones in 2015

  • Reduced accident rate in global terms within the OHL Group by 12% over 2014.
  • Percentage of OHL Group sales, OHSAS-certified or similar: 74%.
  • 344,750 hours’ training in occupational risk prevention and 281,143 participants, employees and subcontractors.
  • 158,755 hours of informative actions arranged at work centers for 518,189 company workers and other external workers (Tool Box Meeting).
Corporate volunteer workers*
  • Participation during working hours: 2,408 employees and 30,106 hours.
Multiplying effect*
  • Participation outside work: 1,148 employees and 6,788 hours.
* Includes LBG projects and other social actions.